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There cannot be a better way to spend the weekend — friends, photography and Lagos. This weekend  I was part of the 500px #DiamondPhotowalk. It was so exciting and engaging that I am already looking forward to the next.

The Photowalk was organised by 500px, sponsored by Diamond Bank Plc. and hosted by Devesh Uba ( and Seun Idowu (, both top photographers in Nigeria. It was an opportunity to celebrate the ability we have to communicate through this powerful visual medium.

I won’t deny that my own passion for photography was the impetus behind sponsoring the event. This was the 3rd edition of the global photo walk which has been organised annually worldwide since last three years by 500px, a Canada-based organisation. 500px has also been mentioned by TIME Magazine as one of the best photo-sharing sites.

What fascinates me the most is that participants from 130 cities took pleasure of photographing together in Lagos. The theme this year was “Explore with Friends“. The aim of the walk was to explore, celebrate and photograph places and people within Lagos city.

Being a weekend, I managed to be part of it in person. The first thing that attracted me was the strength of participants in the walk. Picture this, I was part of a global photography experience with so many photographers, at the same time, in the heart of my very own city. Also, a great way of engaging with the world around me, learning about new things, interacting with new people and capturing some great moments.

#DiamondPhotowalk Uzoma Dozie Flickr
One of my shots from the #DiamondPhotowalk

Both of our hosts Devesh Uba and Seun Idowu made sure that we make the most out of this experience. They backed up the participants with perfect angle strategies and creative compositions derived from their experiences.

Clicking sound of camera shutter in unison and focusing on the same object from different angles was altogether a unique experience. Through the camera lens, details of the landscape seemed more alluring and an ideal company of like-minded people added to the exploratory experience.

During the walk, my photographic skills got exposed to different situations which challenged me to see things with different perspectives and also encouraged shooting on the move – which I have always enjoyed. During the two hours walk, we traversed Lekki- the urban locality with a touch of nature; the bright colors of Nigeria embossed perfectly in the vicinity with urban architecture.

We captured every bit of Lekki from the architectural excellence of Ikoyi Bridge, urban landscapes, natural appearance of the Lagoon to the interesting faces of locales. Besides spectacular landscapes, engaging objects to try our skills on, the weather also supplied a good light for photography. It was also a great way to get to know the city a little better because no matter how well you think you know it there’ll always be a new way of looking at it.

The theme “Explore with Friends” justified our walk. What began in the offline world merged perfectly well in the online world with conversations over the #DiamondPhotowalk.

Here are a few interesting shots of the conversations around #DiamondPhotowalk from Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook and Flickr: 

500px #DiamondPhotowalk on Tumblr
#DiamondPhotowalk Instagram
Caught in the act #DiamondPhotowalk Instagram
The feeling is definitely mutual #DiamondPhotowalk



#DiamondPhotowalk on Facebook


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  1. 10/23/2015

    I was glad to be part of a lovely event. I have been meaning to do a Photowalk in London and never got round to it so when I got sent the details, I jumped at it. I was even more surprised to see you there as I had met you 2 weeks before and took pictures of you not knowing that you were really into Photography. Lovely meeting you again and thanks for being part of the event not just the sponsor.

    • Uzoma


      Thanks for dropping a note. I really enjoyed myself. Always good to have an opportunity to say i did something completely out of the norm on a Saturday afternoon!!! looking forward to next year

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