2017: A Beacon of Light

In my last post, I wrote about my 2016 experience. As the year started we knew it will be a tough one and I firmly believe we did well to see it through. Now we are in 2017 and I am often asked what do I feel about this year, so here are my quick thoughts on how this year might pan out.

As we herald in the New Year, we must continue being just as hopeful and positive as we’ve always been. I strongly believe that the year 2017 will definitely show signs of an improving economy. As most of us are aware, the oil prices per barrel have increased over the last few months; which surely is a very positive sign. This should get the much needed foreign exchange into the financial system. Once small businesses get easy access to foreign exchange, things will start to improve for the economy.

I am not making my prediction based entirely on oil price. I have recently met several Nigerian entrepreneurs and their dedication and hard work is something which makes me believe that we will come out of this recession much stronger. These entrepreneurs are thinking out of the box and solving problems with their creativity and technology. In many cases, these businesses are also generating forex through exports and it will only get better in my opinion. I have always been an admirer of Nigerians indomitable spirit and this is truly our biggest asset.

A recent World Bank report also predicted that Nigeria will come out of recession in 2017. I definitely feel calmer when I read the forecast for 2017. And I’m sure, the more positive we think about it the more positive it is going to be.

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