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  1. Gomez Michael B.

    Good day Sir,
    I will like to commend your write up on beyond banking. I toll along with your ideas and thoughts on the use of innovation and technology to advance banking beyond the usual banking room, which i feel your bank and other DMBs in the country are initiated already. This is something commendable. However, there is a need for DMBs to get it right in other areas like stronger credit controls, driving of the real sector of the economy which is SMEs, more structural governance into their service delivery etc.
    All this issues and more raised are what has engulfed Nigerian banks, Skype bank management is one of the latest victim of this casualty and i know that there are others who are on the same standing with them, but enjoy Federal power or familiarity grace.
    All this issue can be solved with simple employment of innovation and technology and i feel its high-time DMBs in Nigeria should create a platform where the creditworthiness of both individuals and corporate organizations can be verified and assessed. Not just that, there should be a financial limit or benchmark on assessing or giving out credit facilities by banks. There is need for more governance and austerity measure in the strengthening of the operations of banks in Nigeria.

    I believe we will get there but structures and innovation should be put in place so as to make it easier and faster. And Diamond bank under your leadership has been doing a splendid job.

    I appreciate your strives, even if it is more money and customers to you but making things easier and stronger is for the betterment of everyone.

    Gomez Michael B.

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