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  1. 6/13/2017

    Great Job you’ve done with the Diamond mobile app, you really pushed for it’s adoption about a year ago, it’s actually impressive that several other banks are only beginning to push now, you get 5 stars for your foresight. I’m surprised by the level of adoption though, I consider it a very useful tool (95% of my bank transactions are executed on it) yet only 2 million of your customers share that view. I think CBN and the banks should have a second look at how these channels are positioned, In Kenya, every one…literately every one (old, young, rich, poor, learned & ignorant) uses mPesa, They process more mobile money transaction than we do yet we’re about 5 times their population. They’re not more tech savvy than we are, I think the difference is in the positioning, we can actually borrow a leaf from that in positioning mobile banking apps for Nigeria, i’m positive we’ll have a significantly higher adoption rate when we do.

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